Special features

Roadshow topics

During their road show in Columbia, textile machinery producers from Belgium, France, Spain and Sweden will inform the Colombian textile industry on the latest textile machinery technology developments taking place in Europe. Key textile technology producers will present their newest technology to decision makers and technicians from the Colombian textile industry. The European machinery producers will meet the Colombian industry in Bogota and Medellin. They will organize seminar sessions whereby the machinery producers present their technologies. In parallel to the seminar sessions, a mini fair will be held with table tops where the technology presenters showcase their technologies and product samples. The event is finalized with a cocktail & walking dinner whereby the European textile machinery industry shows its appreciation for the Colombian textile industry.


The Belgian, French, Spanish and Swedish textile machinery industry will present the newest developments in the areas spinning, non-woven, knitting, weaving and finishing. 14 companies will present their latest developments. New developments and industry trends on long staple spinning, new supporting technologies and production technologies for non-woven production will be presented. Also recycling applications with non wovens will be brought to your attention.

For weaving preparation and weaving, the companies presenting are world leaders and will present technologies covering the complete array of possible woven products (apparel, household, technical, floor covering, upholstery …).

For the attendees active in finishing, value added technology for bringing dyeing & coloring plants to state of the art levels, will be presented. A vast number of different finishing technologies such as digital printing, bleaching, washing, heatsetting, drying, shearing, to add value to your textile products will be showcased. A number of supporting technologies are presented to optimize your existing finishing equipment.