French Textile Machinery Association

The French textile machinery Manufacturers have established a firm foothold on the international markets for many years. France is the European Union’s 3rd largest exporter of textile machinery and the 6th largest in the world.

Employing more than 8 000 people with a continuously growing turnover (more than 1,2 billion USD) and backed by specialised research centres, the French manufacturers have dominant positions in their specialities.

This leadership is due to the simultaneously implementation of technologically advanced machinery, reliability and the services required in large-scale exporting and automation.

The specialised sectors of the French textile and technical textile machinery are:

  • Spinning preparation machinery – Long fibre spinning machinery
  • Fibre opening, fibre blending machinery, textile
  • Waste recovery
  • Cards
  • Nonwovens manufacturing lines
  • Twisting machinery
  • Machinery for technical textiles
  • Additional equipment for weaving (dobbies and jacquard heads)
  • Finishing machinery: bleaching, dyeing machinery, yarn finishing lines, finishing lines for knitted goods, textile hydro-extractors
  • Inspection and control equipment
  • Air-conditioning equipment for textile factories.

For apparel textiles, home textiles (including carpet industry), technical textiles for such applications as: agriculture, construction, medical textiles, hygiene, personal protection, automotive, composites,…….

The French textile machinery manufacturers and their Association UCMTF are present in all the major events of the textile industry and the textile machinery industry: they are one of the ITMA organiser (three ITMAs have been organised so far in Paris), they take part in the major textile machinery exhibitions all over the world, they organise seminars on their technologies, like this seminar today in Columbia. This active presence on the foreign markets is the clear proof of their strong commitment for the development of partnership with textile manufacturers.

UCMTF hopes that this seminar in Columbia will inform the Columbian textile companies on the French technology at a key moment for their development and help them meeting the requirements of the Columbian market for higher quality products. The French machinery manufacturers are reliable partners for the Columbian entrepreneurs and can help them taking advantage of the textile industry globalization.


UCMTF (French Textile Machinery Association)
Evelyne CHOLET (Mrs), Secretary General
Union des Constructeurs de Matériel Textile de France (UCMTF)
39/41 Rue Louis Blanc
Phone: +33 (0) 1 47 17 63 45