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Superba SAS

SUPERBA, the heat-set brand within VANDEWIELE, produces heat-setting and space-dyeing solutions for PES, PP, PA, PAN, wool and blends giving better properties to the carpet yarns and the home textile.

SUPERBA S.A.S is the global leader in saturated steam continuous heat-setting process and space-dyeing for carpet yarn (PA6, PA66, PP, PES, PAN, wool blend).

With decades of experience in the specialized field of high quality tufted or woven carpet, Superba is providing advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines, including the well-known TVP/3, third generation of Superba’s heat-setting line. The latest version of space-dyeing machine MCD/3 is capable to handle a layer of 72 ends with exclusive dyeing effects such as the bi-color printing and the tone-on-tone effect. The MCD/3 can space-dye with up to 6 colors, polyester or polyamide in combination with the TVP3 heat-setting line, but also acrylic fibers with the new high capacity DL/5 fixation line.

Since 2015 Superba is also a member of the VANDEWIELE family of companies. The synergy and co-working with VANDEWIELE weaving or tufting machines offers now to the customers the possibility of new creations with a very efficient time-to-market. Of high performance and efficiency, environment friendly and economical, Superba’s lines integrate the latest technologies in term of automatism, information treatment and remote access to provide the best solutions for customer needs.

Customer profiles/Application fields:

Customer profiles: spinners, synthetic yarn producers, carpet and fitted carpet producers

Application field: producers of carpet or fitted carpet, producers of automobile or bath mats

 Presentation title: Efficient solutions in heat-setting and space-dyeing for carpet yarn.



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